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GREAT MOMENTS IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION fancies itself a cooperative. This is not because of a multiplicity of individuals, but rather, a multiplicity of self. Forged in 1986, Great Moments in Western Civilization did not assume its formal name until around 2007, but its founder and artist, Caitlin Cass, has been curating great moments since birth. At age seven she watched a catepillar kill itself in a sidewalk crack. A year later her short-story The Night My House Was Bombed By Acorns rose to such acclaim in her second grade class that it was plagiarized in the guise of The Night My House Was Bombed by Snowflakes (which was full of logical fallacies, the entire plot hinged on the notion that snowflakes make noise when they hit rooftops. Caitlin's pictures were also way better.)

Great Moments in Western Civilization believes in stringing narratives out of the historical soup. They believe in constructing wavering towers of babel so that they can knock them down and start anew. They strive to reacquaint themselves with perpetual ignorance, ad infinitum.

At GREAT MOMENTS IN WESTERN CIVILIZATION we are constantly stratifying and subdividing. GREAT MOMENTS, after all, cannot be contained within a singular artistic medium. We seek moments that transcend logical infastructure. Our landscapes shift abruptly from kitchen sinks to ancient caves, self-deprecation to megalomania. Still, we understand the need for meta-narratives, and so we have divided ourselves into five simple categories: Drawings, Constructions, Postal Constituent, Comics and Things That Move.


We imagine this will suffice for now, but we encourage hate mail (when it is directed toward us). So don't hesitate to contact us at

caitlin.cass at

And here is Caitlin Cass' Curriculum Vitae for your professional reference.


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